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Modern City


Maedac was incorporated as an ordinary resident company under the laws of the Cayman Islands on January 9, 1975. Maedac’s principal activity was first a novelty and beverage wholesaler, and a few years later a retailer to operate a fuel and convenience store business.


The founders of the business, Hartmann and Emma Jean DaCosta, used their living room to store several dozens of snack chips, and flavoured sodas from Cawy of Miami. Mr. Hartmann would then go out in a vehicle to sell to the few businesses in Grand Cayman, gradually growing the business to the need of a full warehouse facility. Originally the warehouse was located in Industrial Park before designing and building a compound in Red Bay. Mr. Hartmann created an organized route schedule that is still used today.

the Early Days

During the early years Mr. Hartmann’s sister, Audrey Ebanks joined him as Maedac’s book keeper Mrs. Emma Jean became the Office and Personnel Manager. Hartmann and Emma Jean have three sons who all had active roles in their youth assisting in the warehouse’s operations.

However, following college it was Morgan Da Costa decided to follow in his father’s footsteps in the business. Morgan has assisted his father in growing the business’s product lines of Cadbury from England, Arizona Tea beverages, Bigga products from Jamaica plus many more.

Over the last seven years Maedac has also expanded from the snack food lines into non-perishables like Armorall, H-7, H-S, and the ever popular brands of Johnson and Johnson. Aveeno, Clean n Clear, Neutrogena, Roc, Listerine, and Splenda.

Modern City

Mission Statement

Maedac’s Mission Statement created over 15 years ago was:

To build a strong customer base by offering a diverse range of products and services while offering reasonable prices for a quality product with exceptional service.

To provide our consumers their products and services in an honest and ethically sound basis while enhancing a positive image of the Cayman Islands.


To support our employees and customers with the proper tools and products to benefit all concerned in an efficient and timely manner.

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